Turn your Android phone into a Bluetooth GPS receiver

Now thanks to Bluetooth technology and Google's Android OS, you can easily transform your GPS enabled phone into a fully functional Bluetooth GPS receiver. Pair your Android phone or device with any Bluetooth compatible device for instant NMEA GPS coordinates. Pair with a laptop PC and your favorite GPS software (Streets & Trips, Garmin MobilePC) for a truely easy to read and use interface that doesn't restrict you to a tiny LCD screen. Plan long complex trips through these popular GPS software with greater ease. Save yourself the trouble of having to wire your car with an external GPS antenna, or having to remember to bring your bulky wired GPS accessories - use the phone you're already carrying!

Direct Download

Final Release: Version 1.07e
Pairing to inSSIDer Guide: PDF

First Time / How to Use Instructions

First time users should follow the simple steps below to pair new devices. Subsequent use of the application only requires you to run the Bluetooth GPS app on your phone to begin use.

Power On
Power on your Android phone and the receiving device. (PC, laptop or other device)
Enable Bluetooth
Enable Bluetooth communications on your Android phone. This can be done at the HOME screen by touching the MENU key, SETTINGS, WIRELESS & NETWORKS, and finally touching BLUETOOTH. A green check-mark will appear next to the BLUETOOTH button when it is enabled on your phone. Next, do the same on your PC or receiving device. Many laptops have a switch on the side that controls both the Wireless Internet and Bluetooth functionality. The exact procedure will vary by laptop - you should refer to the manuals or contact the manufacturer of your laptop or receiving device for help on turning on Bluetooth.
Running the App
Run the Bluetooth GPS application on your Android phone or device. (A short introduction will appear and repeat the same instructions as you are reading here.) You may wish to wait until the application has a lock on your location before continuing. Press the MENU button to display the main options. Then touch MAKE DISCOVERABLE and touch YES when prompted. You now have 5 minutes to complete the next step.
Pairing Devices
Go to your receiving device, typically a laptop or PC. If your computer is running Windows 7, simply click the Start button, then on DEVICES and PRINTERS on the right side. A new window will appear, click ADD A DEVICE at the top left corner. Another window will appear and show all bluetooth devices in range. Once your Android phone or device is listed, click its name from the list and continue through the prompts. It may take a few minutes for your Android device to show if it is not immediately visible. If it is not visible within 5 minutes, you may need to repeat the previous step again. Note that the exact procedure will vary with each laptop and operating system. Contact your manufacturer for specific help on how to PAIR A BLUETOOTH DEVICE
Run Your App
With both devices paired, you can now run your GPS or third-party application. To continue using your phone, press HOME to hide the Bluetooth GPS application or the BACK button to QUIT the application on your phone

Device Specifics

Samsung Intercept / M910
Please update your phone to the latest Android 2.2 firmware. You may experience difficulties with older firmwares
Samsung Spica I5700
There are known issues with the Bluetooth stack included on this phone that prevents reliable communications on Windows PCs. As of firmware version I570EXXJH1, only Linux support via gpsd has been confirmed to be working
HTC Evo 4G
There are known issues this phone that cause disconnections of RFCOMM Bluetooth devices every few minutes. Please continue to check for over-the-air from HTC and Sprint that may resolve this problem in the future
What is the purpose of Debug Mode?
The debug mode enables options for advanced users, the ability to save and email the raw NMEA GPS strings and LogCat system log. These log files can aid in troubleshooting bluetooth pairing, connection, verifying AGPS operation, and comparing NMEA output with expected input

Paid Version FAQ

What is the difference between the Android Market version and the PayPal unlocked version?
The Bluetooth GPS License available on the Android Market gives you instant access to the full power of the Bluetooth GPS app without having to wait for unlock codes or PayPal. Due to limitations of the Android Market, the license is only valid for ONE (1) device. Transferability is dependent on Google's policies and may or may not be available to you - we have no control over this. The Android Market licensed version may also require internet access until the refund period expires. (24-48hours) Please keep that in mind if you will be travelling without internet access immediately after purchase
Can I switch my Android Market Licensed version to the PayPal version or vice versa?
At this time it is not possible to do so
PayPal Version Only: Can I share my unlock code or use it on more than one device?
You are more than welcome to share your code privately with friends. Each code is valid for use on up to 5 devices in total. Be warned that excessive sharing, especially codes found online via bulletin boards or other public forums will be deactived without notice. No refunds will be given, no new codes will be issued
Does the Android Market License or unlock code provide more features
No, the unlock code simply allows you to run the app for longer than 10 minutes without being interrupted. You can always quit the app and run it again as many times as you'd like. This lets everyone try the software for as long as they'd like, and for some this is all they need
What is your refund policy?
Because we offer a fully-functional app with non permanent expiry, we cannot accept any requests for refunds. Make sure to test the app and only donate if you feel it suits your needs and works with your equipment. The Android Market checkout policy remains in effect for license purchases.
Activation from China
Please note that if you are located in China, you may not be able to complete the activation process due to the national firewall. Customers have reported that connecting the Android phone or device the the internet through a VPN has worked. Please note we are unable to directly assist you in circumventing the firewall.

Version History

1.07c Added Advanced Settings: NMEA preferene, GPS Engine throtte, Location data source.
1.05c Added Android Market License support.
1.05b Improved compatability with gpsd.
1.05 Interm Compatability Release.
1.04 Improved compatability with third party GPS software.
1.03 Added Option to choose which log files to save and email, Added notice when NMEA log is empty due to no prior active communication with another bluetooth device.
1.02b Fixed Permissions for External Storage Write and Log Read, Added Dialog when external storage unavailable, Added Package version and localization info to email output.
1.02 Fixed NMEA output error for European localizations, Added NMEA+LogCat save to external storage and email action.
1.01 Initial Market Release