Turn your Android phone into a Bluetooth GPS receiver

Now thanks to Bluetooth technology and Google's Android OS, you can easily transform your GPS enabled phone into a fully functional Bluetooth GPS receiver. Pair your Android phone or device with any Bluetooth compatible device for instant NMEA GPS coordinates. Pair with a laptop PC and your favorite GPS software (Streets & Trips, Garmin MobilePC) for a truely easy to read and use interface that doesn't restrict you to a tiny LCD screen. Plan long complex trips through these popular GPS software with greater ease. Save yourself the trouble of having to wire your car with an external GPS antenna, or having to remember to bring your bulky wired GPS accessories - use the phone you're already carrying!

  • Wireless solution for wired USB/Serial GPS receivers
  • Pairs with any compatible Bluetooth SPP (slave) profile device
  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled PC and most popular GPS software including:
    Microsoft's Streets & Trips
    Garmin's MobilePC
    Geolocational WiFi logging utilities (inSSIDer), and many other applications.
  • Takes advantage of your Android phone's built-in AGPS for shortest time to first fix.
  • Supports background running so you can use your phone uninterrupted.

A fully functional trial is now available on the Android Market, search for "Meowsbox"