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Latest: Version 3.00 (RELEASE 76)
Legacy Android 5 or older: Version 2.13d (RELEASE 44)  

Unlock Code (Not for Google Play)


$1.99 USD

  • Unlimited Run-time
  • Automation capabilities for Tasker .
  • For personal and non-commercial use.


$49.99 USD

  • Unlimited Run-time
  • 5 Devices per user license
  • Automation capabilities for Tasker .
  • Approved for use in commercial, industrial and government applications.
  • Risk-Free for 15 days.



  • Discounts Starting at 50 licenses
  • White-Label solutions
  • Source Code and integration options
  • Service training & support options


What is the difference between the Google Play version and this unlocked version?
Both version are functionally identical. The Google Play version is valid for a single personal device associated with your Google account in accordance with Google's distribution and purchasing policies. The version availabe here is valid for use with up to five (5) devices regardless of ownership.
Can I share my unlock code with others?
Personal usage: You are free and encouraged to share your code privately. Each code is valid for use on up to 5 (five) devices in total. Be warned that excessive sharing, especially codes found online via bulletin boards or other public forums will be deactived without notice. No refunds will be given, no new codes will be issued.
How is a business license different?
Licenses are issued on a per-user basis. Each user may associate up to 5 (five) devices in total.
For example: two employees whom each will be using the app on both a phone and tablet, will require two business licenses in total.
Please contact us directly if you have any questions.
Can I exchange a Google Play license for the one here?
At this time, it is not possible exchange license.
Is internet required to activate my app?
Internet access is only required during the brief process while an unlock code is being entered. No further internet access is required unless the app is removed then installed again.
What is your refund policy?
We provide a fully functional albit time limited version of the app so that you may ensure the app is operating to your satisfaction; for that reason we are not able to issue refunds.
Please contact us directly if you have any other questions, inquiries or need assistance with your set-up.